M&E Warehousing, Inc.

How We Serve Our Customers

M&E is your appliance specialist. Every year, we receive, store, inventory and install over 10,000 major appliances. If your appliance business wants to enter the Western New York market, make M&E Warehousing be your partner.

General Warehousing Services

M&E general warehousing services are ready to help you when:

  • You need to free-up vital floor space
  • Your trucking company misses a drop-off appointment
  • You wish to maintain a small inventory
  • You need to store your products or goods
  • You need flexible storage time
M&E Warehousing, Inc.

Cross-Docking Services

M&E is ready to provide cross-docking services when:

  • An out-of-state trucking company transports shipments for multiple customers on the same truck.
  • You need to unload your trailer and reload specific orders for delivery. We will reload your truck with the remaining orders when you return.

M&E will even hold your remaining goods for the same receiving fee. That’s right, you pay no additional storage fee if all the remaining products are picked-up within 48 hours.

Pick and Pack Services

  • Allows you to ship multiple pallets of products to our facility
  • Provides multiple order entry access including: email, fax or paper sent with the product
  • Quality inspection of each product for damage
  • Builds customer orders to your specifications
  • Calls customers to confirm delivery or pick-up date
  • Delivers the order on time