M&E Warehousing, Inc.

About M&E Warehousing

Customers always come first

At M&E, we take the hassle out of all your shipping and storage needs. Our professional staff is responsive and ready to serve you the way you want to be served. We can meet all of your shipping and storage needs. We make that claim because M&E now manages the shipping, inventory, installation and storage of every major appliance sold by General Electric and Home Depot in our service area.

We stand ready to accommodate your requests. Please call +1 (585) 889-0820 today.

About the Founder & President

President and CEO Richard Testa

Richard Testa has an extensive background in the shipping and warehousing industry going back to 1999 when he started his own residential and commercial moving company. In 2003, Richard secured contracts from GE and Home Depot to deliver their branded appliances including GE, Maytag and LG throughout Western New York. Richard has used the expertise developed from his moving businesses to continually improve and grow M&E.

Over the past seven years, M&E Warehousing has stored and delivered thousands of stoves, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwave ovens, washers and dryers.

Today, the company has 20 employees, a fleet of 8 vehicles and manages over 30,000 square feet of premier warehouse space. At M&E:

  • We take our responsibility to customers very seriously and always place their needs first
  • You can store and ship your valuable cargo with complete confidence and trust
  • We seek every customer’s feedback and value his or her insight and guidance